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BEMC - Biomedical Equipment Maintenance Certification Scheme

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of healthcare textiles and PPE in protecting healthcare workers and patients from infection. However, the quality of these products depends not only on the materials used but also on the processing facilities where they are sterilized, cleaned, and packaged. The Healthcare Textiles Processing Facility Certification Scheme will help ensure that these facilities meet international standards for quality and safety.

Healthcare Textiles Processing Facility Certification Scheme was launched on 7th April 2023, World Health Day at the premises of Andhra Pradesh MedTech Zone Ltd (AMTZ) to address the gap in the healthcare textile laundry processes. This voluntary scheme is an initiative of AMTZ in collaboration with the Association of Indian Medical Device Industry (AiMeD) and Association of Healthcare Providers India (AHPI).

The scheme aims to ensure the quality of healthcare textiles, including personal protective equipment (PPE), by certifying the facilities that process them. Scheme covers Multiple-use healthcare Textiles to be processed only as Single-use healthcare Textiles are not meant to be used again. This voluntary scheme is developed in compliance with the international standards ISO/IEC 17065, published International Accreditation Forum (IAF) documents and existing best practices available across the Globe. Under the scheme, healthcare textiles processing facilities can apply for certification by undergoing a rigorous evaluation process that includes site visits, documentation reviews, and testing of samples.

Healthcare Textiles Processing Facility Certification Scheme - Healtexprof, AMTZ, WHO, AiMeD and AHPI

Left to right [Mr. Vivek Kulkarni (Textile and Laundry Expert), Dr. Sanjiiiv Relhan (Chairman, PWMAI), Mr. Vikrama Jeet Dhankhar (CSSD Technical Consultant), Dr. Sunil Khetarpal (Director, AHPI), Dr. Jitendra Kumar Sharma (MD and Founder CEO, AMTZ), Mr. Anil Jauhri (Former-CEO, NABCB), Dr. Jayalakshmi J (Professor & HOD, Dept of Microbiology, KMCH Institute of Health Sciences & Research), Mr. Mrutunjay Jena (Scientist-G and Head of Quality and Regulatory Affairs Dept, AMTZ)]


This Scheme provides mandatory requirements for the proper handling, processing, and preparation of multiple-use healthcare textiles either on-site or off-site for use in health care facilities. This Scheme describes a quality assurance program for the processing of multiple-use healthcare textiles, which includes processes and techniques for the preparation of clean bulk items for delivery to user sites and/or the assembly of textile packs for sterilization prior to end use.

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List of Provisionally Approved Certification Bodies for HEALTEXPROF Scheme
× Contact Person: Mr. PRAMOD GUPTA
Contact Number: 9810730485
× Contact Person: Mr. Udayabhaskhar Kilari
Contact Number:(+91) 9030439460
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